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APRIL 13, 2024



  • We are proud to be holding the 2nd Annual Springfest Cheerleading Championships at H.J. Cambie Secondary School, 4151 Jacombs Rd, Richmond, BC.

  • Plenty of seating and space to ensure everyone gets to watch all the teams they want to see AND a FAN ZONE in front of the competition mat to ensure all your families and fans get priority seating to watch their favorite teams—YOURS

  • We provide a full 42’X54’ sprung competition floor AND a full 42’X54’ non-sprung warm-up floor in addition to a non-sprung stunt mat AND a sprung tumble strip! Rest assured you will feel calm & relaxed in the warm-up!

  • We are proud to provide our Judges with video playback to help ensure correct deductions are given.  All teams are notified of any safety deductions or rule infractions BEFORE scores are submitted to the tabulation table so there are no surprises!

  • Pinnacle Cheer Events follows Cheer Canada rules and scoring guidelines for both All-Star and School teams.

  • Every athlete will get an individual award regardless of placement. The top 3 teams in each division will receive a banner and medals are awarded to all the athletes on the top 3 teams in every division.


Event Schedule


  • The final schedule will be released by April 5th, 2024.

  • The competition starts at 9:00 am, with warm-ups starting at 8:30 am.

  • Please be sure to NOT ARRIVE before 7:30 am! Doors will NOT OPEN before that.

  • Doors will be locked until this time in order to ensure a smooth start within the venue.

  • Please do not enter the venue through the west side (Community centre).

ADMISSION: Debit and credit card are preferred; cash is accepted as well.

  • $15 for those 13+.

  • We are pleased to offer $10 special pricing for Seniors (65&older) and Youth (6-12 years old).

  • Children 5 and under are free.



We will not be selling event programs in an effort to save a few trees!  Please download the schedule to your phone.


We are pleased to be hosting the 2nd Annual Springfest Championships at H.J. Cambie Secondary, 4151 Jacombs Road, Richmond, BC.


There are many parking stalls on site.

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